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Muzay Man is an AFROBEAT, Dancehall Artist, a studio engineer and Songwriter

Biography - Muzay Man

Musa Conteh, aka Muzay Man a Sierra Leonean International musician based in Nederland/Holland. Muzay man is an AFRO, Dancehall artist, a studio engineer, songwriter and also the the CEO of  MUZAY MAN ENTERTAINMENT (MME).

Muzay man was born and raised In Freetown Sierra Leone on april 7. Muzay man is temne, loko by tribe.

The names of the parents that give birth to this young talented king are Aminata H.Y Koroma & Momoh Conteh and he is the eldest of 5 siblings.

Muzay  man attended the Dr June Holst Roness Municipal primary school and continued at the st Edward’s secondary school(Maypark) where he sat his WASCE examination and graduate.

My Music History

Muzay man started his musical career in 2007 when he released his first single – Me Life featuring Cherry B, which was produced by Lil stick in Stress INC recording studio.

  • In 2008 he recorded another hit song titled: Make Man Den No ft Tiger Man.
  • In the same 2008 muzay man lunch his first 3 hit song concert at the POW Hall.
  • In the same year, i qualified in the BEST 10 talented grand finalist at  WAPI competition in sierra leone held at British Council.
  • In  2010 muzay man became am Ambassador Artist against violence in sierra leone (anti violence)
  • In 2012 muzay man was recognized as a young talented youth artist by the former president of sierra leone former HE.Dr.Ernest Bai Koroma.
  • In 2014 muzay man sing a revolutional song to encourage the young of sierra leone Titled free  Okada Rider ft Irish k.
  • In 2016 muzay man set  history to become the 1st Artist to full Globe Cinema syke street With his launching and contest.
  • 2016 Muzay Man won the best Artist of the year at the EASREL YOUTH ORGANISATION 

The Charity

In 2019, Muzay Man founded His charity foundation with the sole purpose of providing scholarships to schools and students in his home country of Sierra Leone, West Africa. The foundation, named after his successful achievement, has allowed muzay man to follow his heart and use his hands to give back to his home country, a place for which he is very passionate.

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The funds raised through the charity foundation goes directly to schools and students to help offset the costs of education. School in Sierra Leone is not free to the public, and most young people are unable to continue their education beyond primary school due to funding constraints
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